BBC: Russia is working on a Tor de-anonymization project

Ze Russians. And probably many others. Just remembered a story written by a Tor project team member. He was attending a meeting, in Rome I think, and he realised he was being followed. Possibly by American intelligence agents. As Tor gains popularity (see Netflix’s How To Sell Drugs Online Fast), I expect de-anonymization efforts to […]

Brave launches privacy aware ads, will pay users in crypto to view ads

Javascript inventor Brendan Eich’s browser startup Brave announced today the launch of what the company calls the first advertising platform build on privacy. Starting today, users of Brave‚Äôs latest release of the desktop browser for macOS, Windows, and Linux can choose to view privacy-preserving Brave Ads by opting into Brave Rewards. These users will receive […]

You may soon be able to message FB, Instagram users from WhatsApp

Facebook reportedly wants to make it possible for Instagram, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp users to message each other. Plans are afoot to integrate the messaging capabilities of Facebook’s popular social media and messaging applications. This will allow billions of users to message each other across platforms for the first time. Facebook has previously adopted a […]

The case for eccentric, obsessive corners of the Web

I read two or three pieces in the last 24 hours that made a really strong case for maintaining little independent bits of the internet that are focused on pet interests and subjects. My first website when I was 14 was Jazz Nairobi, envisioned as a site focused on the then fairly non-existent Nairobi Jazz […]

Liquid Telecom Kenya announces move into retail Fibre Market with Hai Waya brand: Firm to connect 500 homes in Mlolongo, 1000 in Runda to its FTTH network

At a press conference to outline its last mile strategy for the year 2016, local fibre operator  Liquid Telecom Kenya has announced that it is moving into the retail Fibre To The Home (FTTH) market in Kenya under its Hai ISP brand. Liquid Telecom Kenya says the service will formally launch in March 2016. In […]

The most popular dent that never was

Must read this and leave a comment. When they write books bout StatusNet,identica culture they will write about this one. It had wit, murder, intrigue and the words Linux and Geek on it. It was sinister and had the potential to offend perhaps more than a few people Plus it had the !q bang tag […]

Been A While

OK I know it’s been a while since I posted anything here. Actually been kinda busy. Plus I got my own site up and running. Contemplating moving my blog stuff to the site. Meantime feel free to visit for more of what I have been up to. Cheers. P.S I am voting yes […]