MediaTek announces new 5G SoC

While the 5G wars rage on, MediaTek just announced its first premium looking 5G System on a Chip. The Chinese chip giant claims that the new Mali G-77 power 7nm SoC’s Helio M70 5G modem will have download speeds of upto 4.7 Gbps and upload speeds of over 2.5 Gbps. MediaTek says this early version …

On WebAuthentication, the W3C’s official standard for passwordless login

You may be surprised to find out that the web’s standard for passwordless login is already being supported at system level on many leading platforms including Android. I will be giving the standard a spin later. Hope to share my experience with WebAuthentication.

Why I recommend OnePlus phones over Apple’s iPhones or Samsung

Business Insider’s Antonio Villas-Boas on why his next phone will be a OnePlus. I don’t know I think OnePlus have gone the premium way recently. Lots of other cheaper coming up from the likes of Xiaomi.

What Is a Time-of-Flight Camera and How Does It Work?

Make Tech Easier explains ToF cameras beautifully There has been a lot of interest in ToF cameras lately. There are various potential security applications for these cameras. Interest heightened recently after Huawei launched its camera focused P30 phones.

I changed my phone’s language from English (US) to Kenyan English, here is what happened

Annoyed by how WhatsApp keeps displaying dates in the nonsensical American way (04/23 not 23/04), I changed my phone’s language from English(US) to English (Kenya). A lot of interesting changes have appeared. Now WhatsApp says it’s 10.00 o’clock in the morning, not 10.00 a.m. Or 8.26 at night not 8.26 p.m. Lots of subtle differences …

Visa, Branch $170M partnership could be a game changer in the mobile loans and payments arena

As credit goes digital, old distinctions between different forms of credit are becoming blurred. Mobile Loans become credit cards. Credit cards become mobile loans (See Apple Card). “Virtual” cards abound. Branch are the latest to illustrate this point. The company announced a partnership with Visa this month. The mobile lending app says it has partnered …