Now on the Used Car Lot: Great Electric Vehicles for Cheap ?

So for all the hype surrounding Tesla just 2% of new cars sold Stateside are battery powered. Tech publication Wired reports though that as Electric Cars are starting to show up in second hand car yards across the US, more and more Americans are committing to the future of mobility. One used car sales website […]

Why Volvo gave away the patent for their most important invention

Stumbled on this via the TIL subreddit. Volvo invented the three point speedbelt back in 1959 – then gave it away because saving lives was more important than profits. This is an important precedent for those currently working on the future of mobility. I trust that when saving lives is at stake, the likes […]

Uber did battle in China. And Lost

Online news site Quartz is reporting a deal between Didi Chuxing and Uber that will see the two companies merge in China. Citing a widely circulated blogpost by Uber C.E.O Travis Kalanick on WeChat, the site reports that a deal is impending. It appears Uber finally ran out of steam in China, where the company […]