Automattic finally owns Tumblr. What now?

After years of Tumblr envy, Automattic – the company behind WordPress – are finally the new owners of Tumblr. In many ways Tumblr was the progenitor of a new form of blogging and story telling. Teenagers flocked to the site attracted by the highly visual style of its blogs. Many including SnapChat no doubt drew […]

Now on the Used Car Lot: Great Electric Vehicles for Cheap ?

So for all the hype surrounding Tesla just 2% of new cars sold Stateside are battery powered. Tech publication Wired reports though that as Electric Cars are starting to show up in second hand car yards across the US, more and more Americans are committing to the future of mobility. One used car sales website […]

BBC: Russia is working on a Tor de-anonymization project

Ze Russians. And probably many others. Just remembered a story written by a Tor project team member. He was attending a meeting, in Rome I think, and he realised he was being followed. Possibly by American intelligence agents. As Tor gains popularity (see Netflix’s How To Sell Drugs Online Fast), I expect de-anonymization efforts to […]