Brave launches privacy aware ads, will pay users in crypto to view ads

Javascript inventor Brendan Eich’s browser startup Brave announced today the launch of what the company calls the first advertising platform build on privacy. Starting today, users of Brave’s latest release of the desktop browser for macOS, Windows, and Linux can choose to view privacy-preserving Brave Ads by opting into Brave Rewards. These users will receive […]

No card number. No CVV. No expiry date. No expiration date. No signature. Apple reimagines the Credit Card

Amidst a cacophony of new product announcements, Apple released something that might just be truly special today. Touted as a privacy aware credit card built for the iPhone, the Apple Card is built into the Apple Wallet app on iPhone, offering customers a familiar experience with Apple Pay and the ability to manage their card […]

Safaricom set to introduce a – surprise, surprise- Lipa Na M-PESA Card

It’s no secret, short range payments are M-PESA’s Achilles heel. Safaricom’s celebrated remittance service has simply failed to take off in short range payments. When it comes to making payments at the till M-PESA simply doesn’t cut it. Half a decade after the introduction of in-store M-PESA payments, the overwhelming majority of payments at the […]

Branch raises USD 9.6M from Andreessen Horowitz, Khosla and Formation 8 in Series A

Mobile-based financial services company Branch announced Thursday last week it had raised a Series A equity funding round of USD 9.6 million (KES 1B), as it positions itself for further growth and expansion into new markets. The funding will allow for the expansion of the startup’s  operations, hiring talent in Kenya as well as expansion […]

Mpesa isn’t digital cash like Bitcoin.

Dominic Frisby the brilliant author of such books as “Bitcoin: the Future of Money?” and “Life after the State” wrote a great piece on why we should fear a cashless future in the Guardian earlier this week.  The article makes a lot of observations that I agree with, and voices a lot of sentiments that […]

Dear TMS Ruge, Quartz called it as it is

The online publication Quartz published an article yesterday about Mobile Money and specifically the Kenyan M-PESA. I agree with the sentiments in the article. M-PESA, ubiquitous here in Kenya, has never really lived up to its potential. Online payments are an obvious gap in the product’s features for instance. Small transactions aren’t feasible due to […]

February in Payments

Here is a summary of the month of February in payments: At the Mobile World Congress, PayPal announced that they would be linking their service with M-PESA. It seems that the move would happen through PayPal subsidiary Xoom and not PayPal proper. An M-PESA-PayPal linkage allowing people to move their funds between PayPal and the […]

Safaricom Introduces free monthly M-PESA email statements service

Safaricom has announced a new service that will allow M-PESA the customers to access monthly statements free of charge via email. The mobile payments giants claims the service is one of the enhancements made possible on the system following the relocation of the M-PESA servers from Germany to Kenya, last year. “Every month an average […]

What Airtel’s win in petition to have Safaricom open up its Mpesa network means

Last month, Airtel Kenya won a petition against rival telco Safaricom. Airtel had charged that Safaricom were enjoying undue advantage by enforcing an exclusivity clause in its contracts with its MPesa agent network that barred MPesa agents from engaging in business with competing mobile network operators. Earlier in the month, the Communications Authority of Kenya […]

Bitcoin: A primer Part I

Countless Bitcoin primers exist on the Internet today. What, with the increased interest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Flawed as they may be in the present, it is becoming apparent with each passing day that cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are going to be an important part of our digital future. A lot of these Bitcoin […]