Here are ten commands to get you started with tmux

tmux is a terminal multiplexer. This means it allows you to run more than one TTY in the same terminal window. It has been compared to GNU Screen so if you’re already using screen then you ought to be in familiar territory. I have never used screen so I don’t have much by way of […]

September NairobiLUG Meetup

We are hosting our September GNU/Linux User Group Meetup on 7th September – that’s tomorrow –   at 04.00 – 06.00 pm EAT (GMT + 3 hrs) at KFC Kimathi Street. We traditionally meet the first Saturday of every month. Speakers We have this crazy format where everyone gets to speak! We talk about what we […]

Announcing “Clear Blue Skies”, or is it “ForeCast”?

I am looking to start a podcast on the fledgling cloud industry in Kenya. The podcast will focus on developments in the IaaS, PaaS and SaaS industries locally. This year has seen the launch of one cloud startup in the IaaS field,, with at least one more startup, planning to launch before the […]

People It’s a record: The Open Sorcery Blog has it’s best day yet.

As you might know by now I started a FLOSS news blog in March to report on happenings in the local Kenyan FLOSS scene and events elsewhere having a bearing on it. The blog had recently come under criticism for being hosted on a proprietary platform. I gave reasons for the choice here Well today, […]

When Blogger was down. Or Hosting a FOSS blog on a proprietary platform

This is an Op/Ed I wrote for the Open Sorcery Daily. I crosspost here too: So, my chum @eebrah A-list lover of FLOSS, made to sure to know that his [fairly non-existent] eyebrows were raised at the rather suspect decision to host open sorcery daily on Blogger,when [incredible -if I may say  so myself] open […]