How Sidian formerly K-Rep Bank wants to find its groove with mobile tech.

K-Rep was the stuffy, NGO-esque bank with dull, staid brown at its offices and branches, that advertised as the bank for microfinance. Its dull staid name was derived from an acronym. Yes, an acronym. The Kenya Rural Enterprise Programme. Initially headquartered in Kawangware the bank that set out to be the people’s bank watched as […]

Liquid Telecom Kenya announces move into retail Fibre Market with Hai Waya brand: Firm to connect 500 homes in Mlolongo, 1000 in Runda to its FTTH network

At a press conference to outline its last mile strategy for the year 2016, local fibre operator  Liquid Telecom Kenya has announced that it is moving into the retail Fibre To The Home (FTTH) market in Kenya under its Hai ISP brand. Liquid Telecom Kenya says the service will formally launch in March 2016. In […]

Safaricom Introduces free monthly M-PESA email statements service

Safaricom has announced a new service that will allow M-PESA the customers to access monthly statements free of charge via email. The mobile payments giants claims the service is one of the enhancements made possible on the system following the relocation of the M-PESA servers from Germany to Kenya, last year. “Every month an average […]

Acute Water Shortage Hits Ruaka After Nairobi Water reportedly cuts off local Water Service Provider’s Supply

Ruaka has been experiencing an acute water shortage since Saturday last week. The Nairobi Water and Sewarage company reportedly cut off supply to the Karuri Water and Sewarage Company over a billing dispute. The Karuri Water and Sewarage Company supplies the entire former Karuri Township area including Ruaka. Karuri Township is located in Kiambu county, […]

What Airtel’s win in petition to have Safaricom open up its Mpesa network means

Last month, Airtel Kenya won a petition against rival telco Safaricom. Airtel had charged that Safaricom were enjoying undue advantage by enforcing an exclusivity clause in its contracts with its MPesa agent network that barred MPesa agents from engaging in business with competing mobile network operators. Earlier in the month, the Communications Authority of Kenya […]

It’s Day One of Cash Light Public Transport payments in Nairobi, Don’t Panic, here is where to get a BebaPay card

Officially at least, cash light public transport payments in Nairobi kick off today. In reality though , very few commuters have acquired cards, and many are clueless as how the new regulations work. Either way, looks like most people got to work this morning without the need for cards. Here are few places where you […]

It’s all systems go for cash light public transport payments tomorrow, Gov’t insists

Transport Principal Secretary Nduva Muli is confident that cash light public transport payments will go into effect in Nairobi tomorrow without a hitch amid widespread public uncertainty and confusion. Questions still linger over interoperability between different cards vendors, with commuters fearing that they will end up having to acquire and carry multiple cards. Recently, commuters […]

BitPesa hosting World Cup Watching Party, beta launch of service

Local Bitcoin remittances startup BitPesa will be hosting a World Cup Watching Party at Brew Bistro on Ngong Road this evening. The event will also see the beta launch of BitPesa’s service. BitPesa will provide bitings and bitcoins to the first 50 people to show up.

With the launch of its MVNO, mobile money service, Equity is responding to an existential threat

Equity Bank’s most recent foray into mobile banking, the launch of its own mobile network might be interpreted as yet another example of the bank’s impressive innovation record or C.E.O extraordinaire James Mwangi’s knack for good business. Some might wonder why a bank like Equity would want to go into the already overcrowded mobile money […]

Airtel Money Visa Card : First impressions

I picked up my Airtel Money Visa Card a couple of weeks ago. The card, being touted by local banker Chase Bank and MNO Airtel, allows you to withdraw your Airtel Money funds at 30 Chase Bank ATMs and over 800 Kenswitch ATMs as well as 7000 Visa ATMs worldwide. The card also enables you […]