Automattic finally owns Tumblr. What now?

After years of Tumblr envy, Automattic – the company behind WordPress – are finally the new owners of Tumblr. In many ways Tumblr was the progenitor of a new form of blogging and story telling. Teenagers flocked to the site attracted by the highly visual style of its blogs. Many including SnapChat no doubt drew […]

BBC: Russia is working on a Tor de-anonymization project

Ze Russians. And probably many others. Just remembered a story written by a Tor project team member. He was attending a meeting, in Rome I think, and he realised he was being followed. Possibly by American intelligence agents. As Tor gains popularity (see Netflix’s How To Sell Drugs Online Fast), I expect de-anonymization efforts to […]

Dany and Aegon made all of the tactical mistakes in the Battle of Winterfell (Here be dragons – and spoilers!)

The most touted battle ever in the Game of Thrones universe was an anti-climax. Nothing soured what was supposed to be an epic moment more than the comical tactical mistakes that the two Targaryens in charge made. Like setting up barriers then having men stand in front of the barriers. Or having the Dothraki horde […]

Why Volvo gave away the patent for their most important invention

Stumbled on this via the TIL subreddit. Volvo invented the three point speedbelt back in 1959 – then gave it away because saving lives was more important than profits. This is an important precedent for those currently working on the future of mobility. I trust that when saving lives is at stake, the likes […]

How TikTok Is Launching Rappers to Viral Success

Following the rise of Lil Nas X – a rapper I have been following for a minute – Complex explains how Chinese owned TikTok is catapulting rappers to viral success. And to think Twitter sold Vine to Bytedance. Giant facepalm.

My favorite track off ScHoolboy Q’s new album CrasH Talk

The pride of Figueroa is back with a new album. Been listening all morning. And I think my favorite cut off the album -whose release was pushed back a week after Nipsey Hussle’s demise – is “CrasH”, featuring the Fig icon on a laid-back Boi-1da track.

I changed my phone’s language from English (US) to Kenyan English, here is what happened

Annoyed by how WhatsApp keeps displaying dates in the nonsensical American way (04/23 not 23/04), I changed my phone’s language from English(US) to English (Kenya). A lot of interesting changes have appeared. Now WhatsApp says it’s 10.00 o’clock in the morning, not 10.00 a.m. Or 8.26 at night not 8.26 p.m. Lots of subtle differences […]