You may soon be able to message FB, Instagram users from WhatsApp

Facebook reportedly wants to make it possible for Instagram, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp users to message each other. Plans are afoot to integrate the messaging capabilities of Facebook’s popular social media and messaging applications. This will allow billions of users to message each other across platforms for the first time. Facebook has previously adopted a […]

A South Korean Coin Exchange accidentally sent millions of dollars in Bitcoin to its customers. Now it wants its crypto back

Imagine logging in to your coin exchange account and finding that your balance had grown overnight without any explanation. Well that’s exactly what happened to customers of South Korean cryptocurrency exchange CoinZest. According to CoinDesk Korea, CoinZest inadvertently sent millions of dollars of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to its users. Apparently a server issue resulted […]

SmugMug gives free Flickr users until Tuesday to download their files

Not sure how this hasn’t received wider coverage: After promising exactly nothing will change when they bought Flickr, SmugMug now want Flickr users to either pay up or have their stuff deleted. The not-so-old adage the cloud is just other people‚Äôs computers has never rang truer. This came hot on the heels of Verizon writing […]