Donald Trump is a buffoon, but he is a clever buffoon

Donald Trump is running against a female presidential candidate this year. A large part of Hillary Clinton’s allure is that she will be the first female president of the United States. So he introduces Melania. Melania is both a woman and an immigrant, two demographics The Donald hasn’t done well with so far. Giving Melania […]

Safaricom set to introduce a – surprise, surprise- Lipa Na M-PESA Card

It’s no secret, short range payments are M-PESA’s Achilles heel. Safaricom’s celebrated remittance service has simply failed to take off in short range payments. When it comes to making payments at the till M-PESA simply doesn’t cut it. Half a decade after the introduction of in-store M-PESA payments, the overwhelming majority of payments at the […]

Safaricom’s best chance to take on Uber lies in an old tool – the SIM Card – not an app.

As the curtain drew on the 19th century, the first motor vehicles took to the street. Human history had been altered forever. On 1st July 1991 another most important develoment in human history happened. Then Finnish prime minister Harri Holkeri placed the first GSM call to the Mayor of the city of Tampere, Kaarina Suonio. Sixteen […]