Mpesa isn’t digital cash like Bitcoin.

Dominic Frisby the brilliant author of such books as “Bitcoin: the Future of Money?” and “Life after the State” wrote a great piece on why we should fear a cashless future in the Guardian earlier this week.  The article makes a lot of observations that I agree with, and voices a lot of sentiments that […]

Dear TMS Ruge, Quartz called it as it is

The online publication Quartz published an article yesterday about Mobile Money and specifically the Kenyan M-PESA. I agree with the sentiments in the article. M-PESA, ubiquitous here in Kenya, has never really lived up to its potential. Online payments are an obvious gap in the product’s features for instance. Small transactions aren’t feasible due to […]

February in Payments

Here is a summary of the month of February in payments: At the Mobile World Congress, PayPal announced that they would be linking their service with M-PESA. It seems that the move would happen through PayPal subsidiary Xoom and not PayPal proper. An M-PESA-PayPal linkage allowing people to move their funds between PayPal and the […]