At a press conference to outline its last mile strategy for the year 2016, local fibre operator  Liquid Telecom Kenya has announced that it is moving into the retail Fibre To The Home (FTTH) market in Kenya under its Hai ISP brand.
Liquid Telecom Kenya says the service will formally launch in March 2016. In the meantime the firm plans to connect 500 homes in Mlolongo and 1,000 homes in Runda to its FTTH network. Pricing information for Liquid Telecom’s FTTH packages dubbed Hai Waya is available on

While a new entrant in the FTTH market to challenge incumbents Zuku, Safaricom and JTL’s Faiba is welcome, Liquid Telecom’s Hai will hardly be a game changer on account on its price tag.
I checked  for pricing on the website and the cheapest package available for my area was 10 mbps (both upload and download) unlimited at KES 3,499/- per month. Dubbed Hai Waya 10, the package includes a free WiFi router. A one off installation fee of between KES 4,500 and KES 15000 will be charged after site survey.

More expensive packages are bundled with ipidiFlix, seemingly the firm’s answer to NetFlix.

Pan African fibre operator Liquid Telecom, that took  over the operations of local outfit Kenya Data Networks (KDN) and created Liquid Telecom Kenya launched Hai, its new ISP brand, last August in Zambia. The firm said it planned  to offer Internet access to households and SMEs under the Hai brand, which is derived from  “I’m alive” in Swahili. Brand launches in Rwanda and Kenya were planned to follow shortly after.

Nic Rudnick, CEO of the Liquid Telecom Group, was quoted as saying at the launch, “We have firmly established  Liquid Telecom as the premier wholesale carrier in Africa. Expanding into the retail market has become a focus for Liquid Telecom and we acquired a number of retail brands as part of our geographic expansion. We will continue to invest heavily in Africa as we believe that every person has a right to be connected.”

Hai was to offer a number of ISP services including a FTTH service that provides 100Mbps download speeds with uncapped packages and a video-on-demand service that brings Hollywood movies, top-rated TV series and kid programmes. A WiFi hotspot service for public places such as markets, universities,and airports was also reported to be on the cards.

Liquid Telecom Kenya reported that it currently operates 4,200 km of fibre in Kenya, connecting 39 out of the 47 counties. The firm’s parent firm Liquid Telecom recently embarked on a 2 year 10,000 km submarine cable project, linking South Africa to the Middle East.

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