Equity officially launches Equitel, claims subscribers hit one million mark

Equity Bank officially launched their payment focused MVNO, Equitel today. Questions still abound over the functioning of the MVNO’s thin sims though. Equitel’s plan to employ thin sim technology has been the subject of litigation over the past year. Incumbent market leader Safaricom has raised questions about the security and legality of the proposed technology. […]

Nekfeu has the best verse in all hip hop right now!

The third verse from Nekfeu’s smash hit "On Verra" is the stuff of poetic gold. An English translation from lyricstranslate.com/en/verra-well-see.html is provided below. If you parlez Francaise feel free to improve the translation. Nos corps fonctionnent à l’envers, on marche avec des têtes On se sent avec un regard et on joue avec les nerfs […]

The X Files is back

Folks growing up in Nairobi will no doubt recall watching The X Files on KTN. The dynamic detective duo of the skeptical FBI Special Agent Scully and Special Agent Mulder , the believer, had us at intervals terrified, baffled and fascinated for several seasons. It got many a curious young mind wondering about what was […]