Safaricom Publishes New Mpesa Tariffs: Was that a decrease? Or an increase?

Yesterday, Safaricom announced that it will be decreasing it’s Mpesa tariffs. Good, we all thought. Equity’s pending entry into the mobile payments market is finally going to make things competitive. The new rates published by Safaricom today though give a somewhat conflicting picture. There are reductions in the lower bands, coupled with increases in higher […]

What Airtel’s win in petition to have Safaricom open up its Mpesa network means

Last month, Airtel Kenya won a petition against rival telco Safaricom. Airtel had charged that Safaricom were enjoying undue advantage by enforcing an exclusivity clause in its contracts with its MPesa agent network that barred MPesa agents from engaging in business with competing mobile network operators. Earlier in the month, the Communications Authority of Kenya […]