Here are ten commands to get you started with tmux

tmux is a terminal multiplexer. This means it allows you to run more than one TTY in the same terminal window. It has been compared to GNU Screen so if you’re already using screen then you ought to be in familiar territory. I have never used screen so I don’t have much by way of […]

When they sent the army into a mall

One of the great truths of Kenyan life suddenly became self evident, the lives of the upper middle class and those of the expatriates are worth infinitely more than those of peasants in Tana River or Bungoma. Also, the president cares for neither. The country had given a great big fuck you to the countries […]

September NairobiLUG Meetup

We are hosting our September GNU/Linux User Group Meetup on 7th September – that’s tomorrow –   at 04.00 – 06.00 pm EAT (GMT + 3 hrs) at KFC Kimathi Street. We traditionally meet the first Saturday of every month. Speakers We have this crazy format where everyone gets to speak! We talk about what we […]