Announcing “Clear Blue Skies”, or is it “ForeCast”?

I am looking to start a podcast on the fledgling cloud industry in Kenya.

The podcast will focus on developments in the IaaS, PaaS and SaaS industries locally.

This year has seen the launch of one cloud startup in the IaaS field,, with at least one more startup, planning to launch before the end of the year.

The cloud industry in Kenya is still young, with few players, and is fraught with various challenges. The quality of data centres locally for instance is far from great. Still, the next couple of years will definitely be the years of the cloud.

I will be looking to cover developments around the cloud, virtualization, Linux, OpenStack, cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, the great technologies enabling the clouds of today and the future ( e.g Gluster FS, High Performance Computing), Big Data, data analytics, connectivity and a whole lot of other topics that would be relevant to the local cloud scene.

For now, help me pick a name for the podcast. I am looking to call it "Clear Blue Skies" (" not a cloud in the sky" get it? ).
Alternatively, "ForeCast" might be a better name for the podcast ("it’s hazy and overcast").

My mind is pretty much evenly split between the two. I am contemplating setting up a quick doodle poll, and getting folks to go there and vote. In the meantime feel free to let me know your choice in the comments.

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