48 Hours with Fedora 15: First Impressions

Finally installed Fedora 15 on the Compaq CQ 62 yesterday, and I am loving it.

First off it sorted out a sound/audio drivers issue I had with lotsa distros.
Had been having a bugging issue with the Compaq Pressario CQ 62,whenever I attempted to run or install Ubuntu,Suseor Puppy Linux.
Everything worked fine but no sound.
Posted to the Nairobi LUG mailing list about it .
The only distro I came across that had the sound drivers was Mandriva 2010, And on Mandriva 2010 had lotsa trouble getting a LAMP/LAPPPR stack running, so twas a nonstarter.
I wasn’t sure if I would have any luck with fedora as far as the darned sound drivers go [someone should slap the R & D people at HP/Compaq hard. Twice]. But alas soon as I installed and booted it, voila! The sound worked fine.
SMART data warned about several screwed sectors on the hard disk though. And keeps insisting on doing that.[Keeps popping up rather annoying as I write this]
Those persistent notifications that I have no clue on how to turn oiff are the first annoyance I came across.


I am not as big fun of the Unitys/Netbook remixes. I think they are trying to dumbed down a PC interface into a phone like one. And that I don’t like.
You can probably gather what I would feel about Gnome 3. I mean the aestethics are fine and all. Everyone seeems to love them. @eebrah quipped that my phpMyAdmin looked so much cooler than his , for instance when I was setting up the LAMP stack.
But so much seemed to have changed rather annoyingly.
I know Tablets and such are all the rage now. But some of us have keyboards and we actually want to use them.
Check this out for instance, I can not for the love of me navigate through the Applications list using my keyboard.
Of course I could always typed it in to search if I know the apps name and go to it straight away.
Nonetheless what would be mighty wrong with allowing me to navigate using keys through the new Menu?
I for one do not appreciate that they replaced the old menu with an “Activities” icon. Forces me to change the way I am used to working. Not a good thing in my book.

Another point in case: The new dock for “favorite” apps is on the left hand side of the screen. I was rather disappointed when I realized I can not dock my favorite apps on the top bar as I am used to doing. Always allowed me quicker access to say the terminal, which I run very often.

Would have apppreciated it more if I had that choice. Do n ot see myself getting used to the left hand side favorites dock especially without an external mouse to work with.

Someone on the Internets quipped the other day that Gnome 3 was having a KDE4 moment. Sadly have to agree.

Day 2 got on the KDE side.
Up until KDE 4 I used to be a huge KDE fan boy. Then came the bugs and the bloat , and all of a sudden KDe was not usable for me.
So mcuh was new hear. Yet to get the hang of stuff like activities.
Well,things have gotten decidedly better.
Log in to KDE on day 2.
First off I loved the background illustration and secondly (sweet joy!)the annoying disk utility notificatuons were gone.
Kinda hard to believe that Gnome are doing the pretty better than KDE
The Applications Menu are in the more traditional onscreen locations.
Really hated that I had to reach all the way across the screen to the top left corner
in Gnome 3 to switch between windows and start applications. Especially since I am operating
sans mouse
And minimize,restore and close are where I am used to them being.
So, after about a two year separation, I am firmly on KDE.
Really hoping the Gnome side of things get sorted though.
Looks promising.

I am even looking at LXDE as an alternative right now.

Back to the Fed.
Overall an Lovelock is overall an impressive effort. Save for the persistent notifications annoyance ,
if I may call it that,the fact that clicking on my touchpad doesn’t work and greatest fail here
my laptop fails to hibernate when power is low
I am happy with my 48 hour old install it.

Already installed RPM fusion and acquired restricted patents (Kenya does not legally allow patents on Computer programs, read software patents).
Much thanks to Manu’s Orange 50 MB bundle. Install’s working well with my mutlimedia.
Watched Season One of Archer overnight Had resolved to go all ogg and webm on my media,it’s an ongoing process. Have ffmpeg installed too.
Attempt to run a Virtual Machine with the default Virtual Machine manager failed.
No doubt due to my rather limited knowledge of using KVM/Xen so I am working on installing Virtual Box.
Also got RVM installing Ruby and it is taking forever on my Yu EDGE connection.
Was very pleased that I even managed to install RVM on the connection.

Once I got these, and PostgreSQL running I will be feeling quite at home.

Bottomline: Fedora 15 is an excellent build. Would definitely recommend anyone whose thinking of installing or upgrading.
P.S: Typing this up on Geany. Had to install it though. Doesn’t come default. Yet to get round to using Kate.

Everyday I learn something new:
Tip: Pressing Alt-Ctrl with the up and down directional keys let’s you switch between workspaces.

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  1. Nice post,

    As someone adversely? mentioned in the post, [ I am no Gnome 3 fanboi ] I was a bit annoyed, but I get the context of the post, hence no beef.

    I like Gnome 3 but I am in no particular hurry to migrate to it, there is nothing it does that I find essential in my everyday working.

  2. Still haven’t tried GNOME 3… been on Ubuntu 11.04 since the day it came out. Unity really bothered me at first on my Thinkpad T410 (buggy 3D stuff, rendering artifacts, ec), but these days I don’t even notice it.

    I don’t use the mouse much, and spend most of my time in the command line or Chrome anyways (and other stuff I just launch via Alt-F2). Unity’s ok with me!

    I used to be a hardcore Fluxbox / Openbox user but I just don’t have time to fiddle anymore!

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Alan. As a matter of fact I got Unity running on like a couple dozen PCs at a Cyber. Told it’s throwing off users. They are having a hard time adapting to the new interface, and apparently you can’t just put browser short cuts on the desktop. Have never used Unity myself. Was running 9.10 before. Thinking of setting up Gnome on the machines next time am round there.

      – is where the heart is

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