Airtel Kenya testing 3G

Is Airtel Kenya finally testing it’s long heralded 3G network?
Was at Kencom this afternoon when I noticed the 3G icon on my companion’s phone. Couldn’t believe my eyes. Had to check again to make sure that she, indeed was on her airtel line.
My phone still indicated that I was on EDGE though. Might an anomaly I thought.
Then later when I was at 20th Century Fox Plaza on Mama Ngina St. my phone started indicating that I was on 3G. Was excited indeed.
This was soon followed by an hour or so of service outage. The network just went dead before coming back up at around 6.30 pm.
Wonder if anyone else experienced this.
Personally positive that Airtel Kenya are testing their 3G network for a possible end of Q2 launch.

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  1. Finally things are looking up… i had almost given up on them. Albeit late for them, they need to step up, now that Safaricom is on 3.5 HSPDA, turbo 3G if i may add. Loads so fast it can give you a geekgasm….

  2. Pretty sure Safcom have always been on 3.5 G and Airtel will be too. Not that much of a difference in practical use, plus more to do with the device you are using.
    All the same, things are definitely looking up!

  3. All are same? Not only are things looking up, but that’s great. I guess now one can enjoy Airtel’s unlimited daily data bundle (which Safaricom doesn’t have for reasons I’d trash) without worrying about speeds.

  4. Finally, after tugging us along for 2+ years! Airtel have sunk down low on my list, they are the second most reviled mobile network on my list after Safaricom.

    I just hope they stick with their unlimited data deals without imposing caps like other *cough* yu *cough* networks with “unlimited” data deals

    You can fight, and beat an army, but not an idea whose time has come

  5. Mwaura & Moshe:
    Safaricom 3G was initially at HSDPA with peak speeds of 7.2Mbps, but has recently been upgrading this to HSPA+ with 21Mbps speed, starting with urban/high traffic areas.
    That’s why Safcom data bundles are now getting depleted much faster than before.

    When signing the deal for 3G deployment with ZTE, Orange CEO confirmed that Orange will roll out 3G at 21Mbps. In a recent email reply to my query, Airtel Customer Care confirmed that Airtel will also roll out at 21Mbps on ALL sites.

    That said, they’ll soon all offer 21Mbps speeds. It’ll then be simply a matter of uncapped speeds, unlimited Internet and the most affordable data tarriffs.
    Thank God for competition!

  6. Safaricom has slashed internet charges by 150 percent ‘july 2011’ and Airtel 3G signal now present at major locations in Nairobi, lets brace for cheaper data rates in Kenya.

  7. Been waitin for so long, safaricom has been so mischievious limiting their speeds when you get the opportunity for unlimited internet, orange internet is blazin fast, they should now embark on low cost unlimited…

  8. At Karen today between 9 and 11, there was some erratic 3G… constantly going on and off but I experienced 250kbps max on occasion… they better fully phase into 3G soon, we are tired of waiting…

  9. airtel 3G service is good,,but reception is bad….usyally i get connected to edge,,,,onnly when i force UTMS networks only in my fone i get 3G with 1 or 2 bars signal strength.

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