The most popular dent that never was

Must read this and leave a comment. When they write books bout StatusNet,identica culture they will write about this one.

It had wit, murder, intrigue and the words Linux and Geek on it.
It was sinister and had the potential to offend perhaps more than a few people

Plus it had the !q bang tag how could it not have made the most popular posts list.
Or even gotten a single favorite

Plus I repeated it on the hour every hour for 4 hours.

And revised at least once

The formula was sound

I had made a study of it for many a day. Instead a joke bout a dentist being someone who dents a lot made the popular posts page.
I am heart broken
Here’s the should-have-been-famous dent.

“There is no such thing as an
evil Linux Geek” !q Said before
the Reiser murder trial

In it’s second revision
“There is no such thing as an
evil Linux Geek” !q Was said of
Tux,before the Reiser murder

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  1. Yes, I redented the Dentist joke. The dents most likely to be redented are on the front page, because more eyes see them.

    I think the only good way to get redented is naturally. And to make it to the Identica front page, I believe that you must make a single dent which is then redented by others.

    If you’ve said the same thing in different ways, or repeated it yourself, it doesn’t count, and in fact lessens the chance of ending on the front page. Even if people then redent it, some may redent it the first time you say it, and others the second, while still others the third. This will dilute your redenting statistics.

    I don’t see all the dents in my timeline, especially now when I’m trying to do too many things, but just so you know, even if I had seen this dent I would not have redented it because I am not familiar with the Reiser murder trial 🙁

    I suggest having fun with…

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