The Nairobi Ruby Brigade [Nai.rb]| Nairuby

So finally got round to creating the Nairobi Ruby Brigade. We are starting out as a Google Group and mailing list. Sure more stuff is going to follow.
I was totally spoilt for a choice of names for the group seeing as Nairobi and Ruby gave me endless wordplay opportunities. Finally settled on nairuby for the group email address and Nai.rb for the group name.
The Nairobi Ruby Brigade is essentially a user group for Ruby and Ruby on Rails enthusiasts, developers and even watchers /followers in Nairobi. Hoping to get the group going as a place where to keep apace with the pulse of the local Ruby/RoR scene.
Folks are invited to join and announce projects,ask and answer questions and post Ruby/RoR web dev jobs and events etc.
So here’s the link click on it and get busy

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