When Blogger was down. Or Hosting a FOSS blog on a proprietary platform

This is an Op/Ed I wrote for the Open Sorcery Daily. I crosspost here too: So, my chum @eebrah A-list lover of FLOSS, made to sure to know that his [fairly non-existent] eyebrows were raised at the rather suspect decision to host open sorcery daily on Blogger,when [incredible -if I may say  so myself] open […]

The Nairobi Ruby Brigade [Nai.rb]| Nairuby

So finally got round to creating the Nairobi Ruby Brigade. We are starting out as a Google Group and mailing list. Sure more stuff is going to follow. I was totally spoilt for a choice of names for the group seeing as Nairobi and Ruby gave me endless wordplay opportunities. Finally settled on nairuby for […]